It is with much pleasure that we are able to conduct our first GMAC meeting of 2020, on 27th August. This is a meeting held online via webinar technology. 

The theme for this month’s GMAC meeting is Understanding the Most Influential International Reporting Code – JORC ( Please click to access the link; Passcode: 9Jqm^WY@) . This took the form of a webinar and the session leaders will be presenting in Chinese.   

We believe it will be an extremely useful event for any mining industry professional in China who has an interest in reporting to capital markets or whose company is involved in acquiring or selling mining assets. As we all know, China is working towards joining CRIRSCO as a formal member and assessing the CRIRSCO template for the potential of adopting similar standards for domestic public reporting. Our presenters will deliver a brief introduction and particularly the importance of understanding the principles of JORC Code, which the CRIRSCO template is based on. This is essential introductory information for professionals in domestic as well as international Chinese mining companies and associated companies. This information in the upcoming webinar was developed by GMAC in association with the AusIMM, the world’s leading industry authority on resource reporting codes.


Feng Tao |Vice President, Pangea Gold Holdings

With 20 years working experiences in mining sector, Feng Tao is currently working for Pangea Gold Holdings Limited as the Vice President. Feng Tao has been involved in both technical and management aspects of exploration, mine geology, mineral resources estimation, project evaluation, due diligence, technical studies, public and community relations, M&A etc.

Mark Noppe |Managing Director, SRK Australasia

Mark is a geoscientist with over 30 years’ mining industry experience in exploration, mining geology, practical geostatistical applications, resource estimation and reporting, mine reconciliation, feasibility studies, technical audits and due diligence. His technical experience covers a wide range of projects, geological and mining settings, and commodities around the world.


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