The Global Mining Association of China (GMAC) is the representative body for both companies and individuals within the international mining community in China.

GMAC’s main goals focus on Advocacy, Networking,  Representation  and  Support  of  its  Members  in  the  international  mining  community  in China,  providing  Product  Services,  External  Relationships,  Membership,  Events,  Communications, and Administration.

  • Voice and face to all Government Agencies, companies and individuals regarding matters of global mining in China.
  • Platform for industry focused bodies wanting access to the international mining community in China and out China.
  • Forum  for  information  dissemination  to  the  members  as  well  as  interested  parties  through regular meetings, newsletters, and use of website.
  • Always seeking ways to better membership services.


Membership is  open to  companies  as  well as individuals. They   should  be  a  mining  company  or  a provider to the industry such as an exploration consultant, an equipment manufacturer or supplier, a procurement company, a commodity trader or in banking,   advisory, HR,  legal or  other service to the mining sector.

There are three categories of fees:

  • Foundation Membership : RMB 20,000
  • General Membership:       RMB 6,500
  • Affiliate Membership:       RMB 5,000

Members’ Benefits

  • Free  for  GMAC  events,  such  as  but  not  limited  to  GMAC  monthly  meeting,  forums,  and cocktail  events.
  • Free or enjoy favored rate for events organized by GMAC partners.
  • GMAC internal information, materials and reports.
  • To be recommended as speaker at different conferences/forums.
  • Assist  in  getting  business  connection,  industry  resources  and  opportunities  as  request  by members

As Foundation Member, you will be given priority to any opportunities arises and company logo will be presented on GMAC materials. Some events, especially those of senior level meetings and events offer limited tickets, will be available to foundation members only.

Affiliate membership opens to Chinese companies only. Affiliate members have  no voting rights and no seat at the board.


Foundation Members

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